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interj. Used to express disappointment, let down, defeat.
antonyms 1. Happy Meal 2. Yay, great 3. Woo Hoo
Hey my kid's meal didn't come with a toy, sad meal!
Stefanie: How is your day going?
Jordan: Crappy.
Stefanie: Aww, sad meal!
by VannaBanana October 03, 2007
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A McDonalds happy meal without a toy, usually happens when Mom is pmsing and goes through the drive thru too fast, never checks the order and the pimplefester doesn't either. Then poor Mom has to listen to little Johnny throw a shitfit all the way home. sometimes resulting in a backhand and that makes for a Saddermeal. If Johnny end up with a black eye and his school teacher calls the cops on Mom its the saddest meal and if Johnny dies in the ER of a brain hemorrhage then its a Sadisticmeal.
Mom: What do you want for supper Johnny?

Johnny: (screams) CrackDonald's

(sings) yeah I'm gonna get a Toy, maybe its a racecar, maybe its a beanie baby, maybe its a Robot.

Mom: Sorry pal its a sadmeal only a few fries, a knapkin and a greaseburger

Johnny: (throws a shitfit) arhhhhh when I grow up I'm going to beat the crap out a that clown.

Mom: SHUTUP (whap)
by Magic Mocha September 17, 2010
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