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sack brand: were the creases of your boxershorts (or underpants) gets branded into the mans scrotum due to sitting down in the same position for a long period of time and the sweat from the crotch seeps into the imprints on the scrotum from the pants, which in turn stings alot, which he experiences when the man eventually stands up.
John: "cum'on mate you've been playing oblivion for 7 hours now mate, lets go the shop!"
Mike: "aww ten more minuites!"
John: "fuckin hell get up" (john grabs mike by the arm and pulls him up)
Mike: "argghhhhh!"
John: "what"
Mike: (stands very rigid and pulls his boxer shorts through his pants off his scrotum gently) "SACK BRAND!!!!
John: "shit, sorry mate (whilst laughing) i'll give you a few minuites..."
by Christian tyrer December 14, 2007
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