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1)A most inventive combination of words put together to try and replace the word fuck or bollocks so if you are heard you are excused by a parent, teacher ...etc

2)A bag of skin containing two spunk producing orbs that have an unlimited supply of juice.
1)Dude that sack bag filled my mum with its fertile juice until she started spilling.

2)I got kicked in the sack bag... now i infertile
by Daniel Atkinson March 26, 2007
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a bad werd for a chick that is too much of a whore to be classified as one.

a guy who is so gay he cant wait to get a cock out of his mouth till another one gets there.
Jesus man, dont nail her...............she has had so much cock she is a class action sackbag.

Look at the shoes and pants scheme on that guy....who does he think he is...........
Hey Marv.......quit being a sackbag.
by jere from smackjab April 20, 2008
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