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Acris - from the Latin Acre for sharp, referring to the sharp shape of the head

crepitans - Latin for "making a crackling sound", which pertains to the mating call of this species

It's a cricket, it's a grasshopper... it's a frog!

frogs gain their name from their call which resembles that of crickets, but they are occasionally called grasshopper frogs because of their dexterity and jumping ability. This species is the best frog jumper and can jump 36 times its relative body length. The subspecies Blanchard's cricket frog (Acris crepitans blanchardi) is found in the Great Lakes region and is named after Frank Nelson Blanchard, a herpetologist who worked at the University of Michigan.
Sachel Frog has big butt and little or tooth pick legs.
by mr J.R June 03, 2010
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