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SVTFOE is an acronim for Star Vs The Forces Of Evil a show created by Daron Nefcy on Disney XD about a magical princess from another dimension.

A fandom is a community of people who come together to share what they have in common (the fandom)

Amino is a place to share things you have in common with people, its used all ove rthe world, and very useful for work purposes too!

The SVTFOE Fandom/Amino is a place where people obsess over ships, fanart, theories, fanfictions, posting good content, entering challenges, and becoming members if clubs. Its really fun, and an amazing community, but there are people there who don't desevre to be, but lets celebrate what we got!
I see excessive shipping, must be content from the SVTFOE Fandom/Amino
by ApersonDA May 22, 2018
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