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SPS is an acronym for "Secret Pimp Society", which Katt Williams claims to be apart of. Don't ask don't tell exclusive society! A society for people who think pimp like and don't get cheated by material things. It is unknown who is apart of the society by those wearing the letter SPS and also mentions the are apart of the SPS Society are usually funny and very aware of taken advantage of situation, whether profitable or for personal benefits.

Those from the SPS Society, are types of people who tends to be well dress, from head to toe, slightly conceited, but are direct and to the point with their dressy style and intelligent comments.

The word was discovered in the Comedy Strip: Chocolate Sundaes presents: Live on Sunset Strip in California.
He must be from the SPS society the way he dress and talks his personalty show he knows a few things and the way he moves swift and extraordinary show this as well.
by Megaman2020 March 30, 2013
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