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SOYF - Stay Off Your Face

Stay Off Your Face - SOYF:

SOYF is a term coined the voice of skateboarding and host of The HOLLYWOOD Summit Show, (Morgan "HOLLYWOOD" Monroe) and picked up by the international extreme sports community.


Be safe

Take care and goodbye for now

Have a safe trip home

Regular Common:

Good Bye


Best regards

See you

Take care

Until Next Time

Be safe

Ok dude, I got to go.


All right man "SOYF - Stay Off Your Face" .


At the end of every HOLLYWOOD Summit Show Morgan "HOLLYWOOD" Monroe would say "Have a great day, will see you soon and "Stay Off Your Face". He later added it every departure as a goodbye. To making it shorter HOLLYWOOD used the first letters of each word making the goodbye phrase "S.O.Y.F." or "SOYF".
by HOLLYWOOD TuffAct September 21, 2010
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