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A third person shooter for the PSP that is known for its insanely intricate and awesome online play. You play as a Navy SEAL and fight around the world in areas and kill terrorist and bad guys.

SOCOM ftb2 has a social networking element to it like no other game, you WILL meet life long friends from this game and pwn n00bs with them in a clan tell the day you die. Its super addicting and no matter how many times you attempt to rid yourself of the strange obsession you will go back wanting more wishing you never stopped. Everyone knows everyone in this game and clans become your new family members as you build more members, you will have rivalry's and alliances like no other place on earth. You've got your buddy's back like the bullets are real and you never leave a teamate behind and always "revive" him. SOCOM ftb2 is the fucking shit, pwns every other shooter.
Socom player 1: Lets get on ftb2
Socom player 2: ya I wanna grab a war tonight, check the ladders
socom player 1: I will. I fucking love socom.

SOCOM Ftb2 is truly awesome
by ToP-._sGm-NaTeo July 19, 2009
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