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A magnet school located in Tarzana, CA. Due to the school enrolling grades 4 to 12 on a shared campus, it isn’t considered like a real high school, hence the misery and suffering most students go through. No one at SOCES throws parties and and there are only a few attractive girls. A lot of students are egocentric, and they think getting into a college like CSUN makes them intelligent. The sports programs are pathetic due to limited funding and incompetent athletes, which is why there is no school spirit. SOCES is mainly an academic-oriented school, and even still, there are many druggies with failing grades that are able to attend regularly. The school administration, along with the teachers, are corrupt and do not care about their students’ education. Students are not able to have conversations due to the fear of being snitched on by one of the dean’s informants and the smallest school code violation will get you suspended. Students that go here do not have a real high-school experience and end up unsatisfied.
If you don’t want to attend a real high-school, just go to SOCES.
by RussianHacker69 May 26, 2018
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