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"SNL Budget Disease," or SNL-BD, is a term used to describe when a band or music artist performs as a musical guest on the NBC comedic variety show Saturday Night Live, and spends an absurdly large amount of money on an elaborate set design, other than one of the sets that can be provided for them, that serves little to no purpose to their performance other than to make the artist seem more wealthy, creative, or artistic. Prime examples include sets from multiple performances by Kanye West, Jay-Z's performance on May 8th 2010, and Linkin Park's performance on February 5th 2011.
Boy: Hey, did you see Jay-Z on SNL last night?

Girl: Yeah, I didn't like it. That light fixture was so over-the-top, I think he had SNL Budget Disease for that performance.
by jimmystrummer February 10, 2011
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