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Found only at Parkville High School in Parkville, Maryland, the SNAP Lady can be a curse or a blessing. If you’re on SNAP you are most definitely a Student in Need of Attitude Prevention! Or, more likely, you are a Student in Need of Attendance Preservation. But if you get a SNAP Lady, you better treat her like gold, because if she is on your side, she’ll make coffee for you in the morning, but get on her bad side, and you’ll have to do extended detention with her for three weeks in a row. . . in silence! Either way, the SNAP Lady will help keep you in school or will make you wish you’d stayed in school. She knows the probation officers, she has all the keys, she knows your parents AND your teachers. She can help you or hurt you, it's your choice!
SNAP Lady: Hey MaryKate, you need to sign for SNAP.
Student X: Ha! You're on SNAP!
MaryKate: I don't care, you don't get coffee, and I do.
SNAP Lady: Hey, MaryKate, stop talking, sign in and get to class!
MaryKate: OK, OK, I'm going, I'm going. Can I get a pass to class, I'm gonna be late.
SNAP Lady: No, just sign, hurry it up, I want to see you in class when I get there.
Student X: Ha! You're on SNAP!
SNAP Lady: And you will be if you don't hurry up and get to class.
by binthere dunthat April 16, 2011
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