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A talented collegiate scholar has decided to partake in the yearly event in South Tampa. Upon drinking all day the individual has become quite belligerent and example of which is when he refers to an african-american police officer through a racial term. After the epic parade, the overweight male decides to go clubbin with his boys.....while at the club he meets a very whorish drunk-as-fuck female. Almost immediately the male (later to be known as poopy fingers) wants to leave the club and get it in.....

The next morning, Poopy Fingers is overly happy upon his accomplishments from the prior night...these accomplishments include: going ass to mouth, anal intercourse and last but not least doing the one-finger reach around which resulted in having poop all over his hand the next morning.

Needlesstosay, this lad has a bright future!
Next Morning:

RAK: So man how was the night

Poopy: Bro it was a blast, I went ass to mouth!

RAK: WTF that's disgusting

Poopy: Whatever bro I loved it.....btw look at my finger, it has poop on it lol

RAK: You have some serious problems man....u are going to be known as SLU Poopy fingers (The Legend)

Poopy: I know bro....u trying to drink later?
by SLUStreetRunner July 06, 2011
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