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Guy is doing a girl in a pool while standing up in the shallow end, she's facing him with her legs wrapped around him. The guy starts to whistle the National Geographic themesong. Then the guy rams both thumbs into her mouth and forces her mouth open as wide as possible while grabbing her face with his palms. As she tries to recoil, he pulls out his wang and blow his load in the water giving the appearance of a white jellyfish swimming innocently. He then takes her face, as he still has a firm grasp, and forces her face into the water to engulf the white jellyfish. He then finishes whistling the National Geographic theme, if he can stop laughing long enough.
I was banging the ho in the pool and she told me it was the way her old boyfriend did it. So I got pissed and gave her the SHOCK Cousteau. I thought that beotch was gonna drown. It was f*ckin hilarious!........That Bitch!
by feelingvindicated August 29, 2011
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