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A Swedish designed and made saloon car 1966-1980, an evolution of the original SAAB 92. When the SAAB 96 was launched with V4 four stroke power (courtesy of the Ford Taunus), replacing a three cylinder two stoke engine, a sometimes rather tempermental (although hugely successful competitively) car became a seriously useful and reliable everyday vehicle. Also available as an estate (SAAB 95 V4).
So much for so little, a free wheel system in the transmission gives smooth driving and clutchless gearchanging on the move, folding rear seats offer a good five feet of load length (even more in the estate version), dual circuit brakes, a heated drivers seat (1972 onwards) and above all toughness. To live with one of these solid little cars throgh good times and bad is to get to know one of the greatest motor cars ever made, The SAAB 96 V4.
by Simon Lucas January 19, 2006
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