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Is the definition of people coming from the south of Norway.
They also are the most religious and have a under average penis. Usually no more than 8 cm. And 99% of the men coming from that region is either gay or transsexual. This also makes this part of Norway attractive for hetero-men from all around the country. Specially because of the lack of local hetero-sexual men. They look at them self as smart, brag about coconuts and living on the palm coast. People from every other part of Norway know they aren`t. Their favourite word is "Gay"

Favourite job for a Sørlending is ROV PILOT TECHNITIAN.
"Look at that car!"

Sørlending says: That`s so Gay....

"Dude fuck you...."

Sørlending says: Gladly....
by Ruzty82 May 04, 2011
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