meaning "yes daddy" in Spanish. Mainly used in a sexual form
Oh si papi! Fuck me harder until I come! Oh baby yes!
by BigBooty68 June 30, 2016
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Spanish for "yes daddy". You usually say it when you are asked a yes or no question. Or if the teacher tells you too do something. No matter if the teacher is a guy or a girl.
Spanish teacher says "Timmy, did you bring an std to school again dear?"


Spanish teacher says: "Get your hand off of my ass!"

YOU: "SI PAPI !!" and proceeds to grab her pussy instead.
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by Wetawded May 27, 2017
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Si papi is used during sex, oral or anal (doesn't matter). It means yes daddy.
Girl: Si papi!
Guy: Yea, you like that
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by Fuck me mommy February 06, 2018
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