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A character in the Japanese comic and tv series "Yu-Gi-Oh." Ryou is 17 years old, born on September 2nd, and has white hair and brown eyes. In the original comics, Ryou was a transfer student from another Japanese school who joins Yuugi's group of friends shortly before the Duelist Kingdom series. Ryou experianced tragedy early in his life, when his mother and sister died in a car crash. His father is an archeologist who never seems to be around for Ryou, who lives on his own in an apartment. He is soft spoken and kind, but can be very brave and determined if pressed far enough. He is very loyal to his friends, and tries to protect them from danger, including his disturbed other self: Ryou's previous incarnation was sealed into an Egyptian artifact called the Millennium (or Sennen) Ring and is now housed in Ryou's body. Though Ryou constantly appears weak and helpless in the tv series, Ryou is really the one key that has prevented his darker half from gaining the other six Millennium Items, which would grant him ultimate power. Though Ryou is a real member of the group in the comics, he's inevitably a 'damsel in distress' in the tv series, only appearing to cheer his friends and be saved from his darker half. However, Ryou is a character with a lot of loose ends, and one often wonders what he was like before he found the Ring.
"Ooh, who's that guy? The one with the white hair?" "Oh, that's Ryou Bakura."
by Himitsu May 26, 2006
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