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1. a fatal stomach disease that causes ulcers, it's slang is "russian macaroni"

2. two homosexual men have intercourse through the anal passage. one man's penis ejaculates sperm into the anus. He then excretes urine into the same man's anus. The man who was ejaculated and peed into then poops out a light yellow, chunky mixture that looks somewhat of macaroni. You will never look at mac n cheese the same way again.

You may eat it if you'd like.

3. macaroni and cheese made in russia
1. "Oh no! I have russian macaroni!"
2. "Oh no! Maybe you got it from the russian macaroni you

had last night!"
3. "You don't understand! now we can't russian macaroni

every night anymore!"
by INVISIBOWL. March 29, 2011
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