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A small southern town in the River Valley region of the vast and populous state of Arkansas. Not to be confused with Dardanelle, the skyline of Russellville shows an intricate array of banks and churches, giving it it's unique character. When walking on the street, one can pick up the distinct smell of animal parts being shredding into dog food at the Rendering Plant. One can also encounter the diverse culture of the Arkansas Tech University campus, consisting mostly of rastas and right wing extremists. If you find yourself at Taco Bell around 1 in the AM, then you can observe these potheads in their natural habitat, munching on ranch Dorito Tacos and listening to Imagine Dragons. The town itself boasts a population of 27,000 people, however with the high number of migrating Mexicans, dumpster babies, nuclear mutations, and hobos, it's roughly the size of Little Rock and Fort Smith combined.
Corliss Williamson: Did you know I'm from Russellville, Arkansas
Everyone Else: No one cares!
by RastaCakes1234 April 01, 2013
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