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Runescape addict is someone who is really really really really really really really really... really really really really really really really really really really addicted to Runescape. Beware of these people. They have alot of issues and need to go into rehab.
A life of a Runescape Addict
05:00am - 10:00am : Runescape
10:01am - 10:05am : Bathroom Break
10:06am - 03:00pm : Runescape/Breakfast+Snacks
03:01pm - 03:05pm : Bathroom Break
03:06pm - 07:00pm : Runescape
07:01pm - 07:05pm : Dinner/Due to parents threatening to take away computer
07:06pm - 04:59am : Runescape/Snacks

*Next day... * they repeat the same schedule over again. Their skin starts turning white due to not being out in the sun.. they begin to lose irl friends and girlfriends/boyfriends and replace those people for other runescape players.

- These people never go outside to see the sun. Its like they're vampires.

by Marko-94 January 25, 2008
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A runescape addict is obsessed to runescape and will reject offers to play sports or go outside even to play with his/her dog. They are thinking about runescape all of the time and talk about nothing else. Also they can become prone to violence because they kill people everyday in runescape and think there is no difference between runescape and real life. They can even try to hack school or work computers because they are obsessed with runescape and cannot survive a week without it.
Joe is playing runescape.

Joe: *Grunt* Ooooooohhh I'm level 80!!
Harry: Joe, stop playing runescape, get a life, ask a girl out!
Joe: I have a girlfriend, she is level 76 *Grunt*
Harry: Stop playing runescape!!!
Joe: But I always feel like something is missing when I'm not playing runescape.

Joe's birthday.

Harry: Here's your present!
Joe: Is it a coupon for RS gold?!?!?!?
Harry: No, it's for rehab.
Harry: Your a runescape addict, admit it!
by Colin Werner December 14, 2007
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