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Is the main mall of adelaide.
It was orginally built for shops, but it got taken over by people, pigs and balls. At the busiest there will always be someone with in 10 cms of you. At the least busiest you will probably see one end of it from the other end.

It is a place for, wogs, emo's, scene kid's, asian's, townies, that guy playing the electric piano, that guy who comes and yells at you, dero's, buskers, gangs and hindley police. And more.

If you walk down rundle mall at any time of the day and don't see one of those people. Your not in adelaide, or rundle mall.
"hey let's go for a mall walk"
"nah cant be fucked, i'll stay at hj's"
"alright be here when i'm back"

"Let's go loiter down Rundle mall"
by The mall kid. August 16, 2009
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