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A neurological disease that causes the sufferer to experience a wide variety of symptoms, similar to a very mild form of asperger's or social anxiety.

Symptoms include but are not limited to-
- Slurred speech
- Inability to finish thoughts or sentences
- Moodyness
- An uncontrollable guilty conscience
- Inability to pick up on other social queues

-Obsessive personality
Sufferers also exhibit physical symptoms
-Being easily injured
-Minor hearing or visual abnormalities
Symptoms simulate that of being constantly buzzed, or a little drunk, hence the name
Friend #1: Dude, whats wrong with (name)
Friend #2: Idk, he's been acting kind of weird lately
Friend #1:Do you think he's got rum slur syndrome?
Friend #2: Not sure, but it's kinda pissing me off.
by Ayrian Nazi Nigga January 16, 2015
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