The rum and coke boys are a despicable gang located in the Hyde park area of Boston. They are a group of prolific bastards. They drink to excess and play tennis all day long while blaring the most inappropriate rap music. I made the mistake of walking home alone one night and saw them dancing in a circle throwing up gang signs. I was horrified. A member then approached me and asked me for a cigarette. Before I could answer He proceeded to vomit uncontrollably on my left thigh. I still have nightmares to this day about that night. The rum and coke boys need to be stopped before more people are victimized.
Person 1: you hear about the rum and coke boys?

Person 2: what did they do this time?

Person 1: they kidnapped my mothers bearded dragon and threw it off a bridge.

Person 2: that’s just sick. they need to be stopped.
by Yo it’s me, the kid June 21, 2018
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