Song by Tally Hall now used in many memes. It switches from light to dark which is why people like to put it on morally ambiguous characters
I am the Ruler of Everything.
by Mr_Mow February 16, 2021
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Mechanical Hands. Mechanical Hands are the Ruler Of Everything in the end. Oh i have to ask you while your here, do you like how i walk? Better yet, do you like how i talk? Or maybe you like how my face disintegrates into chalk. Anyway, i have a wonderful wife, and a powerful job, my wife criticizes me for being eco-centric though.
Mechanical Hands are the Ruler Of Everything
by se5drtfyguhijo January 28, 2022
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video made of pictures, playing to the music "Tally Hall - Ruler of Everything"
guy 1: minecraft is ruler of everything!
guy 2: nah, minecraft is ruler of everything.
guy 1: *mad*
by kinda sus ngl March 10, 2021
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