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Rule 14127, Clearly States that, In Meetence of A Man With the Number 14127, Tatooed On the Underside of his Right Arm, You WILL Show That Man Respect, and Listen to All He Has to Say. Because that Man Will Be The Smartest, Most Profound, Street Wise, and Nature Aware Person that You Will Ever Meet. And If You Show Him Disrespect, he Will Harm you in More Way's You Thought Possible.
Bob: (see's man with tat, show's him respect, and is allowed to keep breathing)
Steve: (see's man with tat, and brushes him off. and who's face is then aquainted with the pavement.)
Bob: "Dude, Should Have Brushed up On Your Knowledge of Rule 14127."
by £Ø§Ð July 09, 2009
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