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And Internet forum phenomenon that was founded in the section of GCC in 2009 which basically explains the following.

If you are going to start a thread about girls or go on rants about a specific girl, you must provide pics. In the world of Facebook nowadays, pics are easily accessible, so don't puss the fuck out and share. We need to know what the fuck you are referring to if you want our honest opinion or feedback.

If you are not going to deliver with pictures then stop posting about them. We don't want to hear about your shit unless you're going to be a team player. You expect us to give you support, sympathy, empathy, etc., then at least do us the favor of posting pictures of the broads. If you can't handle this then you should just quit at life right now.
Noob poster:

"Hey guys me and my girlfriend(notice significant female partner is mention) are going on vacation but we are still unsure of where to go, any idea of nice place to go visit TIA"

GCC Rule/Law #22 follower/supporter:

Rule 22!!!(POST pics of your significant female partner so we can help you)
by Rule22 January 18, 2011
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