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The Ruffling Theory is an elaborate scam technique used by broke individuals mostly teens. How it works is that you would buy something online that could be anything, clothing, electronics and etc. Then after receiving the item you would tell the company, bank or whoever you used to make the transaction with that you item never came or that it came damaged (obviously a more detailed story) and after a week of checking the claim they would send back the money. Leaving you with the item and your money back spent with the item.
ruffling theory Guy 1: Bro have you heard of the ruffling theory?
Guy 2: No what's that?
Guy 1: Its basically a scam used online to get free stuff.
Guy 2: Sick!

Ruffle Kid 1: Dude! I just ruffled $300 worth of supreme clothing last week.
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by ItsEbro February 14, 2018
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