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A player on an online gaming service who plays really cheap and is gay. A Rowman Sailor is often very hairy and is bad at trash talking. This lack of an ability to trash talk often reveals the homosexuality of the individual. Ex: "i'm going to put my annaconda in your zoo." A Rowman Sailor is also charactarized by his excessive use of the word FRAK. You will most likely encounter a Rowman Sailor in Halo 3. The Rowman Sailor will always seek out the power weapons or vehicles. Without them he cannot possibly win. If you do find yourself playing against a Rowman Sailor, be sure not to tea-bag him. He likes that. Because hes gay. Also, if he tea-bags you it will not count the same way, because a Rowman Sailor does not have balls.
"I got killed by a Rowman sailor. He's so cheap and has no skill. He couldn't play fair to save his life."
by Gaylo 3 June 29, 2008
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