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A group of men who slay bitches and get sauced all the time. These men never have girlfriends (however there may be one who does but he is soft) because they get with a new bitch for every day of the week. They only drink platinums or natty lights because those are the dopest two types of beer. Rowdy gang code may forbid information spread in a group chat to outsiders and if this is violated it will result in group extermination. This gang has a rival gang made up of stoners who drink Budweiser cuz they are gay.
Girl-"damn Ethan gave me that D last night"
Other girl-"me too"
Girl-"oh yea we had a threesome, I could barely remember cuz he got me sauced on platinums and nattys"
Other girl-"he is definatly In rowdy gang"
by RG11 January 12, 2014
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