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The Rova is the Jewish part of the old city in Jerusalem. The word rova means a quarter in Hebrew, which therefore named the Jewish quarter the Rova. The Rova square is a big square in Jerushalem where many tourists and locals hang and grab food in the restaurants nearby. Rova Chill is a term used by locals to go chill in the Rova and hit on girls and watch tourists while they waste time in the Holy city of Jerusalem.
Person A-"Hey Dovid, do you want to grab a bite and Rova Chill till we have Class?"
Person B-"Nah man, I am going to eat in school today"
Person A-"Dude, I wana hit on some girls tho"
Person B-"Sorry man, I got a girlfriend, why don't you see if Barry wants to Rova Chill with you"
by WhatsappPimper101 October 25, 2016
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