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A furious and untamed minge. The pubic hairs surrounding the vagina are so rough and rugged that it can fight off the male often in the scouting phase of attack. The male will feel the rough minge with ones fingers and cease further attack, knowing that it is un safe for ones penis as it may get damaged upon entry. A rough minge is such a vulgar display of meat purse that it is often compared to the mouth of a bulldog
1.) Eddie had considered fucking this one for quite some time. But had decided against the idea due to the rough minge he found whilst giving her a good rub down. Even his scissor hands couldn't fight back that fur.

2.) Man 1 - How was she?
Man 2 - good face, rough minge dude
Man 1 - Like a bulldog licking piss off a thistle?
Man 2 - Exactly!
by Jebzilla February 26, 2012
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