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A Dirty, Ugly Casino, that smells of God-Knows-What, after so many years of only God Knows How Long! Most typified by a legendary place called: The Klondike!
You'll notice that most of the patron's of places like these are real old, crusty, in walkers, wear Oxygen Canula's, and yet still smoke!

That is, until they set themselves on fire!
Maybe that's what the smell is from!?! >:D
'Vegas Loser: Hey, did you ever go for that U.S.$2.00 Spagetti dinner, at the Klondike?
Other 'Vegas Loser: No, I value my life too much!
'Vegas Loser: Whadda' ya' mean?
Other 'Vegas Loser: Look, that place is so goddamned horrid, I couldn't even swallow the food without upchucking! It's like anytime I breathed in, I gagged!
That place is a real Rotten Rug!
'Vegas Loser: Really? I'll have to try sometime!
'Other 'Vegas Loser: Well, it's your funeral!
by Dreaded88 August 01, 2014
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