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Roses in Hand (aka RiH) is a premier community of Harry Potter Marauders era roleplayers closely united by a love of crack plots and an impossibly large hatred of the Twilight saga. The site has been around for more than a year, undergoing various revamps and adjustments as it ages to make it more beautiful than it is already. RiH's admins are Lisa (the head admin who likes to be told how much everyone loves her), Elle (the cool one who is actually very lovable, but who will take the initiative), and Cat (the fun one who plays Voldemort). Other notable members include: Brooke (the site's unofficial but somewhat native sweetheart who plays a number of loose canons including Charlie Flentowock and other canons such as Rita Skeeter) and Pax (who plays James Potter who is a tad of an idiot, but we all love him). The site is also distinguishable due to its nightly chats where members could discuss topics ranging from plotting to sex ed. In the latter case, Elle is the undoubted leader and Pax and Lisa rally around her.

The site is headed towards its second year and is continuing to go strong. Because of this, we love it.
1. I know more about Harry Potter and the Marauders than I do about American history from RiH.

2. I don't do drugs! I just go on Roses in Hand.

3. The crack!plots on RiH consist mainly of heaven, sex and heaven sex.
by Roses in Hand August 23, 2009
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