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When a pack of desperate and horny girls go out to the bars/clubs/supermarkets and try to round up "take-out cock" All they wanna do is get a group of young men/boys/the elderly drunk and take them back to their apartment and screw them. The gilrs are not pretty and you shoud run for your life should you be caught in one of their corrals.
Rick: Dude Bro, I was minding my own business at the circle K last night right? And then all these chicks encircled me and I couldn't escape. I was stuck between them with a buncch of other scared and flustered dudes.

Spence: Dude! You got stuck in a rooster corralling attampt last night! Did you get away?

Rick: No. No I didn't. It was dark, damp , and smelly in there.

Spence: Sucks Bro.
by JoMD March 28, 2010
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