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note all credit for the discovery of roof spiders and celling arachnid goes to Tasty taste, Quincy, the uppity bitch and that depressing chick
1-large arachnids released on the roofs of buildings in preindustrial england and its colonies to prevent people form jumping off to commit suicide. some roof spiders later evolved into less aggressive and relatively impartial celling arachnids

2- Some one as unpleasant as a man eating spider that dwells on roofs

3- Republicans

note all roof spiders are impervious to any weapon other than spears don't ask why they just are

1- OH MY GOD!!! the roof spiders have ran out of suicidal morons and are now coming down to eat the towns people
get the spears!

2- Any given person: josh your such a roof spider

3-see 2
by Tasty_taste December 06, 2010
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