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One of Milwaukee’s top leading high schools. Those who go to this school are often praised by parents and other people outside the school for being part of the International Baccalaureate Programme. Although this school is seen as a holy ground for a bright future graduates who want to have a great shot in college, this place is purely a breeding ground for snakes, thots, and other malicious students.

Ever since the Class of 2020 arrived, this school has been slowly falling apart with the chance of being admitted is much more higher compared to those who tried to get into this school in the past.

This school has some pretty hot girls though, but your chance with being with them is so low due to the fact that 99% of them consider the guys to be too immature and stupid.
Person 1: Damn that girl over there is hot as hell!

Person 2: Don’t even bother she goes to Ronald Reagan IB High School
Person 1: Thanks for saving me dude, no one knows exactly goes on inside that school!
Person 2: Yeah, that place is full of judgmental fucks who think they’re surperior because they’re IB
by BlueMythic May 14, 2018
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