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A romantic rival who you think is forgive my language an absolute fucking dick who treats you like a retarded mule and you just want to brutally murder him the first chance you got because he likes the girl you like but he’s so much better than you
Me: oh hey what’s up Myrissa I was wondering if you wanted to go to promcoming with m-
Ronald McDonald: oh hey fucktard. Oh hey Myrissa would you got to promcoming with me.
Myrissa:oh Ronald kiss me you fool
Ronald: really!!!
Ronald: oh so is that a yes

Myrissa: yes

Ronald: yes let’s get married and have a baby too

Me: hey but I was gonna ask he-
Ronald: shut up fucktard you know I could kick your ass in 5 seconds.

Me: * gets slapped * *whispers* romantic rival it’s time to go to the gym

2 years later


Ronald: what’s that


Ronald: oh shit

Narrator: final battle ready ... goooo

5 seconds later

Narrator: Logan wiiinnnnssss

Myrissa: Logan you saved me Ronald treated me like a whore kiss me you fool
Logan: not so fast I didn’t come here to save you I came here to tear ronald limb from limb I have a much hotter girl now so get out of my face!!!!!
The end
by Areallogan June 12, 2019
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