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Its when you enter a public toiletry area and proceed to kick open the stall door on an unsuspecting victim, then words are exchanged usually relevant to the transgression that occured between the two individuals. Next, the victim is beaten either with the fists or other implement of pain while still sitting on the toilet doing there business. After you have beaten them a good bit, you proceed to to pick them up and stick there head in the toilet that they just deficated in, while said head is in toilet you proceed to anally rape the said individual you are victimizing.

Can be visually seen on the show ROME on HBO.
That asshole owed me money and wouldn't pay so I ROMAN SWIRLED his ass.
If you don't shut up, I'll be the shit out of you and give you a ROMAN SWIRLY, you fuck.
by Uptomis Prime February 11, 2010
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