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An event wherein Person A sits on the toilet directly followed by Person B sitting on their lap, at which point both attempt to void their bowels simeltaneously, generally resulting in a large steaming pile of fresh poo in the lap of Person A.

This ritual may be done on account of a lack of proper dedication facilities, where Person A spreads their legs in a sad but worthy attempt to enable Person B's fecal matter to fly directly into the bowl, but is most often enacted for the sake of sexual pleasure between two degenerates.
Dan:"Hey Kevin, what was the last badge you got in the Boyscouts?"

Kevin: "It was the Roman Squat Badge! My Scout Master said I was his favorite, so I was the only one he allowed to earn it!"

Dan: "Kevin, Your scout master was a pedophile"
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by ZNippleBandit October 06, 2016
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