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The art of making a woman spontaneously combust from an amazing orgasm by laying her on her side and lifting her top leg straight up, penetrating her vagina at a constant but fast pace while you rub the clitoris with one hand, and finger the rectum with the other. It is a difficult task to get right as you may succumb to the uncoordinated failure of a similar multiple limb movement, the "tapping your head and rubbing your stomach" test. You may need to master this first before you move on to the mount everest of orgasms. Good luck.
Example 1:

Judy - " Hey Mary how come you look so pale today?"

Mary - "Because I almost spontaneously combusted when Daniel gave me a roman missile this morning"

Example 2:

Lauren - "Fuck Stacey, I feel like I could be pregnant after getting an amazing roman missile last night"

Example 3

Tony is giving his wife a roman missile and then all of a sudden *BOOM* she disintegrates into a pile of dust.

Tony - "At least we know she is in orgasm heaven"
by Omaster December 13, 2011
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