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A prank, that is primarily partaken in the south, where in the middle of the night a person or group of people sneak into another person's yard to throw toilet paper all over their house, lawn furniture, trees, bushes etc.

A successful run is done undetected. If you're busted it doesn't count as them getting "rolled".
McKenzie: You guys bailed pretty early during the Homecoming dance, where'd you guys all go?
Hailey: Well, we got bored so we went and were rolling a house of one of the teachers who was supervising the dance.

McKenzie: Oh my god! That's hilarious!!

Alex: Hey man! Passed down Parker Blvd. this morning.. dude.. Jordan's house got rolled hard.
David: It was us. Don't tell anyone though. He swore up and down no one would roll him cause' no one knew where he lived.
Alex: Ha! That poor bastard.
by Hypzdontlie February 20, 2017
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