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There is no good way to start with the shit encrusted melting pot that is the social groups that make up the two shithole Schools but, I will try because I love you. The thespian cucks have brought about intensive hazing policies due to performing gay sex magik on freshman. The band kids, as expected, are virgin nu male soyboys whose combined micro-penises probably extends out to a few centimeters at best. There are no jocks, just Chads operating behind a thin veil of masculinity, when in reality, they are the insecure, ashamed, cock-lusting products of their alcoholic white collar father's drunken rage. The Orchestra kids are so gay and boring that i could not be fucked to go into a description of whatever bow twiddling twinkie shit they do. The computer mongoloids (Cyberpatriots, composed of the least patriotic faggots possible, are the products of these sick bastards) are acne ridden faggots who spill their shit constantly behind LED screens, aka doing shit no one fucking cares about. They also the only group, besides Orchestra, who leave high school virgins.

Rockwall - Codex Petram 2nd Edition Part Two
According the researchers behind Rockwall - Codex Petram 2nd Edition Part One,
The man the FBI used as a cover, Lee Harvey Oswald, his wife originated from Rockwall.
by CockwallTexasfuckingsucks February 12, 2018
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