Nestled among the Blue Ridge mountains, this Virginia county is overtaken by white trash redneck families, cracked out townies and drunken JMU college students. If you find yourself in a school district where a high school has "drive your tractor to school day"... and people participate in it, you're probably in Rockingham county. The constant smell of chicken farms and cow crap linger in the air and 3 flakes of snow constitute Snow Day. Hunting education is mandatory middle school P.E. education and school absences on big hunting days are excused. Field parties, a must. Local hangouts include Sheetz with seats and McDonalds (tricked out cars only, please.)
Philly visitor "Why are all the guys in your high school wearing army clothes?"
Myself "Oh, hunting gear. Yeah that's a daily fashion here."
by igottheheckoutofthere May 11, 2005
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