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"ROCKING BILL" (Also see - "Rocking Billy Bob)

Refers to a person with limited intelligence who sits making repetitive, rocking movements for hours on end whilst both walking and sitting (possibly whilst sleeping), salivates excessively and is voluntarily incontinent of urine. May carry a large potato on his person.

General and widely acknowledged oddball.


As with Rocking Bill, but clothed in a lumberjack shirt, dungaree's, a straw hat and long piece of hay / straw for chewing. Shotgun, rocking chair and yapping dog optional.

Levels of "Rocking Billy Bobness" vary, according to the number of missing or decayed teeth and the frequency and volume with which he speaks.
"Oh shit! Leg it - the local Rocking Bill is coming over"

"That fella there? He's a full on Rocking Bill"

A Rocking Billy Bob is likely to be heard yelling -

"Yeeehaaaahhh!! Ahm a gonna go find me some nigger to shoot"
by Parly July 08, 2009
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