A dealer in New York City in the '70s. He specialized in speed and heroin, since marijuana was considered a hippie drug. He was quite known throughout the under ground for his great deals and for the fact that you could gipp him easily, because he had no common sense. One evening in the year of '77, Rockets Redglare was found at a bar with a bunch of his buddys, drinking beer. He footed the bill, which is something he never did, because he was almost always broke. One of his friends asked him where he got the money. On hearing this Rockets promptly started bragging to his friends that he killed Nancy Spungen. Yes, the same Nancy Spungen who at the time, was the girlfriend of Sid Vicious. Nancy was killed with Sid's favorite knife, that never got seperated from him. Sid was blamed for killing his girlfriend and stayed doped up on heroin for a week. At the end of the week, he and a bunch of friends had a huge party. One of Sid's friends told him that he knew of a great heroin dealer that could make him a good deal because of who he was. The dealer came to where Sid was staying and sold him some heroin. Sid took it and partyed till he dropped. The next morning he was found in the home, dead. We now know that what was given to Sid was a hot shot. Rockets Redglare was later reported to have comitted suicide.
by Freak Face May 6, 2005
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