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Rocketeer Games Studio (RGS for short) is a small video game developing company in the United States. They are best known for browser based FPS called Red Crucible 2. Also they are money hungry assholes. They never care about players, instead, they rob them. In 2015, they did a huge mistake, with releasing a new version of RC called Red Crucible Firestorm, discontinuing the RC2. RCF is a really bad game compared to the RC2, for this reason, RGS lost 90% of the players. in the mid 2013, there were over 10000 players online per day, but now it's barely daily 500-800 players.
"Red crucible firestorm is piece of shit game. We miss good old RC2. Fuck you Rocketeer games studio!"
by CWProkiller February 12, 2017
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