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Someone who believes that any songs that aren't made by famous Rock and Roll legends are trash. They refuse to listen to anything but rock and roll, and decide they dislike a song before they even hear it. They are total assholes who think they are above everyone else just because they only listen to Queen and Boston. For their complete lack of an open mind they tend to flock to one another and talk about vinyl recorders as if they lived in the 1900s, and roll their eyes every time someone express a love for a song they do not like and have probably never heard.
Me: Hey, I just head a great new song on the radio today!
Snob: Phhh, all the great songs have already been sung.
Me: Will you stop being a rock and roll snob for 5 minutes and actually listen to the song?
Snob: If it is popular, then it is stupid trash.
by Lone Violet August 13, 2012
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