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Someone who hates Rock Music, because they think it's Satanic and evil. They usually like Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, or any other type of shitty "music".
Cool person: "Man, I love Guns n Roses! They're awesome! And AC/DC too! Great music..."
Rock haters: "MuSic?/ Liek, wat cind?"
Cool person: "They're rock bands."
Haters: "RoCK??!!!11!1!one!1 Liek, RocK iS EVIL!!1!!1! They IS SATaniC!!!!1!!one!eleven!!11!1!"
Cool person: "Uh, that's not true! Have you ever even--"
Haters: Juustin BieBerrr 4EvAR!!!!!11!!11!!one!!!eleven!!11!"
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