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This term originated while a group of friends were playing Guitar Hero after a night out at the bars. If you've played the game or seen anyone playing it (as is my case), you know that doing things like playing the solo perfect or waving the guitar around while you're playing ("lift the neck up!") makes your score in the game go up. You get more "rock star points" and can use the points to get cool stuff in the game. Therefore, anything cool, hot, sexy, badass that you do in life gives you rock star points. We're all earning them all the time and no one is actually keeping track of how many anyone has, but sometimes you do something really sweet (ie: fuck the shit out of your significant other, give awesome head, shake your booty and make people hot, etc.) and your friend or whoever is like "5 million rock star points for that one".
"You can't play music, but you get lots of rock star points for moving your hips like that, girl"
"You get 5 million rock star points for sucking my dick like that"
"5000 rock star points for shakin' your booty like that"
by AliBoo October 02, 2007
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