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Pat and Bud Roche started the great company of Roche Bros during 1952.

When Ed and Rick Roche took control, the great company became the worst company.

Everything is over price, employees are treated like objects, managers have high egos, and they pay worse than McDonald. It's the work place for the unwanted people. Unintelligent teens, useless adults, and desperate people. Roche Bros company is base on slave labor and lies.
Roche Bros

Employee #1: Unfair! I been working here for 7 years and I am still making minimum wage!
Employee #2: So what? I been here for 8 years doing making minimum wage with no benefits and working 40 hours a week. Manager refuses to promote me to the Full-Time position.
Employee #1: you know the law states that they have to legal making you a Full-Timer, IF you work for a full month with Full-Timer's hours.

Employee #2: True, but my manager said that I would be fired if I tried legal action against the company. Also, the new associate rule book states that they can fire any employee for no reason if they please. I don't want to lose my job.

Employee #1: That sucks.
Employee #2: Not really. The departments don't have cameras in them. My crew and I get away with eating food and smoking weed.

Employee #1: Really?
Employee #2: Yup. Weed is the only thing that keeps me relax at work.
by Fow Pow April 24, 2017
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